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  • For more than 40 years, IFP Training has covered the entire Oil & Gas chain, from exploration and production to refining and petrochemicals.

    Our expertise also extends to the economic and managerial aspects of our industry in which energy is at the heart of challenges to be met in the coming years: on one hand, satisfy a growing demand where oil and gas still have their place and on the other one, reduce CO2 emissions and respect environmental constraints.

    The Economics & Management domain deals with these new issues around five poles: upstream economics, downstream economics, oil markets, gas, electricity and renewable energies, finance and management.

    Some of our courses lead to certifications, validating competencies needed in jobs, such as economist, financial analyst, jurist or auditor.

    Moreover, our lecturers will be able to design custom sessions with you to meet your company’s training needs and objectives.

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Upstream Economics

8 courses

Downstream Economics

10 courses

Finance & Management

9 courses

Renewable Energies, Energy Transition & Decarbonation

8 courses