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Training solutions

Depending on your expectations and constraints, IFP Training might either invite your personnel to join scheduled public courses on our premises or specifically organize tailored courses at your own place. On demand, we can offer long programs that lead to an internationally recognized Certification or a graduate degree in partnership with IFP School. IFP Training provides consulting services ranging from competencies management, training center design, global Accreditation approach, on-the-job coaching to training program engineering. We also design career paths to help HR and management map out the development plan that is optimum for each employee.



Our dedicated team consists of 100 permanent instructors and a network of 600 industry experts. Boosted by their rich industry experience, we design innovative and personalized training sessions and develop relevant case studies that allow an immediate practice of acquired knowledge. It is valuable for the participant to be trained in the environment they work in, so that they can benefit from On-The-Job training and On-Site coaching.


IFP Training offers a portfolio of public courses that gives you the possibility to send over your employees to benefit from industry applied training and exchange with other professionals in a positive learning environment. Mixing participants coming from different industrial environments and cultures in one classroom leads to a particularly rich cross-fertilization of experiences and is one of the key reasons to register for our public courses.


A Certification for Every Professional

We have designed an all-around Certification offer aiming to guarantee the competencies of Oil & Gas industry professionals. An IFP Training Certification formally validates the competencies acquired during our training sessions. Our courses that lead to Certification are designed for operators, technicians, engineers and managers. We offer four levels, ranging from Vocational, Graduate, Advanced to Executive certificates.

A Global Approach to Accreditation

IFP Training, as an international certifying body, also offers a 5-year global and renewable Accreditation. It concerns training centers that ambition to deliver programs at the IFP Training standard and IFP Training labeled. This global accreditation, constantly monitored by us, includes three levels:
  • Training center accreditation: compliance with design, equipment and organization criteria.
  • Programs, methodology and documentation accreditation: compliance with training and educational engineering criteria.
  • Training instructors’ accreditation: qualification with respect to technical and educational requirements to ensure their capacity to deliver training sequences matching IFP Training criteria.

Master’s Degrees & Graduate Diplomas from IFP School

IFP Training and IFP School frequently join their efforts to offer a Master’s degree program for companies looking to enhance the skills and knowledge of their most promising employees. Our customers rely on these long programs to develop their human resources and prepare their future leaders.


To help you develop your teams’ talents, we get involved in your reality to optimize your business processes:

Due to our experience, we are able to identify and eliminate core competency gaps within individual organizations. We offer HR teams the assessment and mapping of their workforce’s competencies. We can create tailored training plans related to your business and ensure the appropriate training is delivered for each job function. The training program may be extended by a coaching period to ease and encourage learners to efficiently apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge. IFP Training also advises on the appropriate learning environment for your employees, with consultation on the design, management and Certification of existing centers and the creation of manuals, benefitting future employees with a clear and consistent training plan.


IFP Training provides you with predetermined career development paths to help guiding HR, management and employees on their developmental journey. Strengthening your team from inside and encouraging employee retention is highly valuable to any organization. We have solutions for professionals at any stage in their career, from Operators and Technicians right through to Junior and Senior Engineers. A progression matrix depicts the skills and know-how needed to take the next steps towards future leadership positions. HR professionals can easily decide which courses would benefit their staff the most in order to prepare their leaders of tomorrow.


IFP Training’s offer covers the entire Oil & Gas value chain, from the exploration and production to refining and petrochemistry. Our areas of expertise also include powertrain design, modeling and simulation as well as the economical and managerial aspects of the industry. Our courses are engineered for all categories of industry professionals, from operators and technicians to engineers and managers.