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One of the main, if not the main, concerns of the oil & gas industry has always been to ensure the safety of people and environment in its operations and in particular in drilling operations.

Dramatic accidents, such as the Macondo accident, showed that this concern is always relevant and cannot be ignored.

On a drilling rig, although safety is everyone's business, some people have a key role to play: this is the case of the operation geology specialists i.e. Wellsite Geologists, Data Engineers and Mud Loggers . Their ability to detect a potential problem during drilling operations and to take corrective action is critical.

This is why IFP Training , in narrow partnership with TOTAL ENERGIES , has set up skills ‘assessments to ensure that these professionals have the proper knowledge, competencies and behavior in order to detect any operational issue at its early stage, undergo adequate action to solve it and avoid a possible dramatic situation on the rig. The skills ‘assessments allow to identify possible gaps and to recommend training in order to fill in these gaps.

The SUBGEOL skills ‘assessments, dedicated to Wellsite Geologists but also Operations Geologists and other specialists, has now been running since 2017 while the MUDLOG skills ‘assessments (one dedicated to Data Engineers and one dedicated to Mud Loggers ) have been running since 2019.


To whom it may concern?

The skills ‘assessments is intended for operations geology professionals holding a university or equivalent degree/diploma in geology and justifying of a career path consistent with the objective of the skills ‘assessments.
Typically candidates will have to justify of at least four (4) experiences on the rig for the SUBGEOL skills ‘assessments three (3) for the MUDLOG/ML skills ‘assessments and six (6) for the MUDLOG/DE skills ‘assessments.
Job positions that may be concerned by the skills ‘assessments:


  • Subsurface Managers
  • Operations Geologists
  • Wellsite Geologists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Pore Pressure Engineers
  • Reservoir Engineers

MUDLOG option DE :

  • Data Engineers
  • Field Engineers

MUDLOG option ML :

  • Mud Loggers
On the job skills ‘assessments

How does it work?

The skills ‘assessments are run fully remotely and are in two parts:

  • A Test, done online using IFP Training’s LMS (Learning Management System) and a dedicated remote communication system (TEAMS).
  • An Individual Interview done online using a dedicated remote communication system (TEAMS).

The Test is lasting from two hours (MUDLOG) to four hours (SUBGEOL) and cover a large variety of topics including Drilling; Mud Logging, Pore Pressure Evaluation, Wireline, Geosteering, MLWD, etc. Please refer to the dedicated page of each skills ‘assessments for more details.

The Individual Interview is lasting two hours for all the three skills ‘assessments and cover topics like Basic Mathematics, HSE, Role & Responsibilities. It also includes a Situation Analysis. Please refer to the dedicated page of each skills ‘assessments for more details.
Combining the results of the Test and Individual Interview allows to determine if the candidate succeeded or failed. It is also possible for the candidate not to be certified but eligible for a re-sit Interview that is retaining the benefit of the results of the Test and just taking the Interview again.

The results are issued through a skills ‘assessments Committee organized by IFP Training a few days after the session took place.

  • If the candidate is certified, the certificate is valid for a duration of five (5) years starting from the date of the skills ‘assessments Committee.
  • If the candidate is eligible to a re-sit Interview, this interview will have to take place between two (2) months and twelve (12) months after the date of the skills ‘assessments Committee. Some indications will be given to the candidate to train before taking the re-sit Interview. If the candidate fails the re-sit interview, then he/she will have to take again the full skills ‘assessments (Test & Interview).
  • If the candidate failed, he will have to take again the whole skills ‘assessments (Test & Interview) but not before four (4) months after the date of the skills ‘assessments Committee. Some indications will be given to the candidate to train before taking again the skills ‘assessments. Note there is no limitation to the number of trials a candidate may undergo to get certified.



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