Subsurface Geology for Operation Geologists & Well Site Geologists - IFP Training Certificate


Who should attend?

  • The purpose of this on-the-job skills - IFP Training Certificate, is to make sure that the operation geology staff has the proper knowledge/competencies in order to detect any operational issue at its early stage and undergo adequate action to solve it avoiding a possible dramatic situation on the rig.
  • Especially the objective is:
  • to assess the knowledge/competencies of the candidate and make sure that he/she understands the basic technical aspects of his/her position together with his/her role and responsibility on the rig,
  • to identify the knowledge/competencies to be improved for each candidate,
  • to recommend trainings.
Public :
  • Well site geologists, operation geologists and related positions (subsurface managers, reservoir engineers, petrophysicists, etc.).

Level :Expert

Prerequisite :
  • In order to be eligible for this on-the-job skills - IFP Training Certificate, the candidate must provide justification of a university or similar degree/diploma in geology.
  • He/she will also have to provide justification of a career path consistent with the objectives presented in this reference document as a well site geologist, an operation geologist or equivalent specialties related to operation geology. Especially, the candidate must justify of at least four experiences on a rig as a well site geologist.

Course Content

  • TEST - Duration : 4 hours

      • The Test is an on-line exam composed of one hundred eighty (180) randomly selected questions of various types (multiple choice questions, true/false questions etc.) extracted from a wide database of questions covering the required knowledge and know-how on eleven disciplines: Drilling, Pore Pressure Evaluation, Mud Logging, Role & Responsibilities, HSE, Wireline, Coring, Formation Testing, Log Interpretation, MWD-LWD, Geosteering.
      • Additionnaly they are five (5) key disciplines and five (5) Eliminatory Questions the candidate will have to validate in order to be certified.
  • INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEW - Duration : 2 hours

      • Organized in three (3) parts:
      • Eliminatory Questions (if necessary depending on the Test’s result).
      • Situation Analysis.
      • Additional Skills covering Basic Mathematics, Basic Safety, Role & Responsibility, Communication and Teamwork.

Ways & Means

  • The assessment is currently made of two parts:
  • A Test.
  • An Individual Interview.
To French entities : IFP Training is referenced to DataDock ; you may contact your OPCO about potential funding. Please contact our disabled persons referent to check the accessibility of this training program :