2022 Superintendent Certifications

2022 Superintendent Certifications

Since 1990, IFP Training offers the petroleum industry a premium certifying course: the Superintendent Certification.

In an increasingly demanding context, superintendents must be quickly operational and autonomous, in compliance with safety and environmental protection rules. In their respective domain, they shall lead and co-ordinate operation activities on production fields, contribute to HSE and emergency response, manage open offshore operation teams delivering overall top levels of production and cost performance, with the highest plant availability and best HSE performances.

Three different specialties are available:

This 58-day certifying course, with common and specific modules, provides in-depth technical knowledge of Oil & Gas processing operations as well as managerial and communication skills needed to hold the position of either Production, Maintenance or HSE superintendents.

The required knowledge spans over a wide range of issues and advanced topics in relation to HSE, reservoir, corrosion, inspection, maintenance, well performance, flow assurance, team management.

With a solid success rate (above 90%) and hundreds of certified professionals, it is greatly recognized by the industry.

Registrations are now open for our 2022 sessions occurring in Pau, France:

  • March 9 - June 1st
  • September 21 - December 14

For further information, please write to : ep.contact@ifptraining.com