Virtual Classroom

Virtualization & Data Transfer/IoT - Remote training


Who should attend?

  • Data virtualization is part of data management and enables retrieving data without requiring technical details about the data (e.g. physical location). Unlike the common ETL process, the data remains in place with real time access, to minimize error risks. But, how to transfer it?
  • Standards ensure data are usable by different users, in a rapid and reliable manner. Energistics has been developing standards for E&P data transmittal and is now delivering industry-endorsed upstream data transfer standards and data transfer protocols to reduce data latency.
Public :
  • Professionals from all O&G disciplines who plan to have responsibilities in the data management domain.

Level :Awareness

Prerequisite :
  • No pre-requisistes are necessary to follow this course.

Course Content


      • Presentation.
      • Management of real-time data.
      • Benefits/drawbacks.

      • WITSML.
      • PRODML.
      • RESQML.
      • The OSDU data platform initiative.

      • The ETP.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Describe data virtualization and its advantages,
  • Understand underlying technologies for energistics standards: WITSML, PRODML and RESQML features and functionalities.

Ways & Means

  • Interactive lectures, case studies and exercises.


Coordinator :IFP Training trainers (permanent or contracted) having a good expertise and/or experience of the related topics, trained to adult teaching methods, and whose competencies are kept up-to-date.

To French entities : IFP Training is referenced to DataDock ; you may contact your OPCO about potential funding. Please contact our disabled persons referent to check the accessibility of this training program :