Occupational Health


Who should attend?

  • This course provides a thorough understanding of expectations and mandatory requirements regarding occupational health and hygiene.
Public :
  • Safety officers, HSE supervisors, human resources personnel, field managers.

Level :Knowledge

Prerequisite :
  • Provide evidence of a professional experience of at least 3 months related to HSE and/or Oil & Gas process industry.

Course Content

  • HEALTH & HYGIENE RISK ASSESSMENT - Duration : 1.5 Days

      • Basic concepts. Occupational disease concept.
      • Identification of health and hygiene hazards. Hazardous products and Hazcom.
      • Basic assessment of health risks.
      • Health risks basic prevention measures.
      • Medical fitness for work standards. Health surveillance benefits. Vaccination policies.
      • Food and water hygiene.
  • MEDICAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Duration : 0.25 Day

      • Medical emergency evacuation plan. Requirements for medical facilities.

      • Human factors. Human error. Physical and psychological aspects associated.
      • Ergonomics concept.
      • Applied psychosociology elements.
      • Mental health at work. Concept of stress management.
  • FATIGUE MANAGEMENT - Duration : 0.25 Day

      • Concept and why it is relevant.
      • Fatigue risk assessment.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify and assess the basic occupational health hazards in workplace,
  • Explain the relevant elements of fatigue management,
  • Identify the most important elements and possible impacts of ergonomics and psychosociology at workplace.

Ways & Means

  • Several applications and illustrations.
  • Several case studies and teamwork sessions.

Learning assessment

  • Assessment by test at the end of the course.


Coordinator :IFP Training trainer (permanent or contracted) having a good expertise and/or experience of the related topics, trained to adult teaching methods, and whose competencies are kept up-to-date.

To French entities : IFP Training is referenced to DataDock ; you may contact your OPCO about potential funding. Please contact our disabled persons referent to check the accessibility of this training program : referent.handicap@ifptraining.com