Field Development Project & Uncertainties


Who should attend?

  • This course provides an in-depth understanding of fundamentals of field development projects, from geology to hydrocarbons recovery, with a special attention to risks induced by the project’s uncertainties.
Public :
  • Geoscientists, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, asset managers and economists willing to deepen their knowledge in field development project and uncertainties management.

Level :Skilled

Prerequisite :
  • Basic knowledge in geosciences and reservoir engineering.

Course Content


      • Field development projects decision making process.
      • Projects economics: methods and criteria.
      • Oil tax legislation.
      • Types of petroleum contracts: concession, production sharing.

      • From discovery to development of an oil field: methodology from a real field case.
      • Geological context and discovery.
      • Appraisal phase (field evaluation after each appraisal well):
      • Evaluation of reservoir properties.
      • Wells correlation.
      • Estimation of accumulation.
      • Development phase:
      • Setting up various scenarios from identified drive mechanisms.
      • Estimation of reserves, plateau and production profile.
      • Surface/subsurface integration.
      • Economical evaluation of scenarios: CAPEX, OPEX, NPV, IRR, etc.
      • Field development and uncertainties:
      • Why quantifying uncertainties in reservoir studies?
      • Overview of the response surface methodology and experimental design approach.
      • Identification of the most influential uncertain parameters. Consequences on field evaluation and production forecasts.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • discuss and apply best practices of Oil & Gas fields development projects,
  • discuss and apply methods and criteria for economic evaluation of development projects,
  • discuss main concepts and tools of risks and uncertainties assessment, included experimental design and response surface methodology.

Ways & Means

  • Interactive lectures and exercises.
  • Field case study with real data set.
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