Well-Completion Equipment & Procedures for Flowing Wells


Who should attend?

  • This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to choose and operate completion equipment for flowing wells.
Public :
  • Drilling or production engineers, supervisors involved in completion for oil & gas wells and gas storage wells.

Level : Proficiency

Course Content


      • Functions to be carried out and corresponding equipment.
      • Production string(s) configurations (conventional or tubing less, single or multi-zones).
      • Production wellhead: tubing head spool and Christmas tree (components, design).
      • Tubing and connections (main characteristics, criteria of choice).
      • Packers and accessories (drillable or permanent, retrievable).
      • Bottom hole devices (landing nipples, circulating devices…) and relevant wireline equipment.
      • Subsurface safety valve (subsurface controlled, surface controlled).
      • Equipment of gas storage wells.

      • Point to be verified.
      • Packer permitting free motion (tubing movement, tension on the tubing hanger).
      • Packer permitting no motion (packer to tubing force, tension on the tubing hanger).

      • Preparing for operations.
      • Safety recommendations during completion operations.
      • Standard running-in and start-up steps:
      • Case of a packer set directly with the tubing string.
      • Case of a packer set prior to the running-in of the tubing string.
      • Operating recommendations.

      • Tubing less completion.
      • Intelligent completion.
      • Multilateral completion.
      • Deep water completion.
      • Single trip multizones gravel pack system.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • assess which equipment is required in a conventional case,
  • design the corresponding completion procedure,
  • work on complex completion issues with specialists.

Ways & Means

  • Equipment and cutaway tools display in Pau.
  • For in-house courses held elsewhere, in as much as a completion shop is made available, a visit will be organized to the said shop.
  • Summary notes prepared and presented by the participants.
  • Application to a real case (project) for the participants in the “Drilling & Completion Engineering” training course.
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