Safety Leadership


Who should attend?

  • This course provides knowledge, skills and motivation to first line management and intermediate management to be aligned with company standards and expectations.
Public :
  • From intermediate managers to line supervisors in operation, maintenance, technical, HSE and support staff.

Level :Knowledge

Prerequisite :
  • Provide evidence of a professional experience of at least 3 months within its own company.

Course Content

  • COMPANY SAFETY CULTURE - Duration : 0.5 Day

      • Safety culture definitions. Different milestones for safety culture buildup. The essential key role of a Safety Management System.
      • Assessing safety culture maturity.
      • What are my safety values? What are the company’s safety culture embedded values? Closing gaps between my safety values and my company’s safety values.

      • My day-to-day behavior:
      • Commitment, given the right example, reacting to deviations and unsafe conditions, positive point reinforcements, up-and-down communication, catalyst for sharing and teamwork. Integration of intercultural aspects.
      • Managing my team:
      • Safety communication: safety message from top management, findings and actions from incident analysis or assessment.
      • Controlling application of company’s dedicated process in different activities: risk assessment (task risk assessment, work permit), procedures (up-to-date, field application), incident analysis, safety critical devices (by-pass, test), operating windows, shift handover...
      • Motivating my staff: teamwork, delegating actions ownership, yearly employee assessment, training plans.
      • Working with others:
      • Participating in the different company’s dedicated processes: unit risk assessment (What-If, HAZOP), Management Of Change, emergency drills, incident analysis, Key Performance Indicator reporting, Safety Management System reviews, assessments.
      • Influencing the organization:
      • Behavior and communication on the field. Detection and analysis of weak signals from the field, from processes and organization. Proactive acts. Effective communication. Well-balanced reporting.

      • Group discussion about main highlights of the course according to attendees. Sharing of some personal to-do lists to influence safety culture in my company.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain main company safety values,
  • Build a personal action plan and engage their commitment to progress.

Ways & Means

  • Teamwork with intensive use of case studies, incident analysis, simulations and role playing.

Learning assessment

  • Quiz.


Additional information :This course is adapted to company HSE current performances and objectives, implemented Management System, main tools used.

Coordinator :IFP Training trainer (permanent or contracted) having a good expertise and/or experience of the related topics, trained to adult teaching methods, and whose competencies are kept up-to-date.

To French entities : IFP Training is referenced to DataDock ; you may contact your OPCO about potential funding. Please contact our disabled persons referent to check the accessibility of this training program :