Introduction to Petroleum Engineering


Who should attend?

  • This course provides a complete overview of petroleum engineering covering primary issues of reservoir, drilling, completion and surface production.
Audience :
  • Professionals in technical, commercial, legal, financial or human resources departments, within the petroleum industry or related sectors, who need a general knowledge in petroleum engineering.

Level : Discovery

Course Content


      • Geologic traps and characteristics.
      • Rock and fluids properties, PVT studies.
      • Logging and well-test evaluation, oil in place estimation.
      • Drainage mechanisms, recovery factor.
      • Improved oil recovery notions.
  • WELL

      • Drilling:
      • Organization on site.
      • Well design.
      • Drilling rig: functions hoisting, rotations, pumping, power and safety.
      • Drilling rigs.
      • Drilling operations chronology.
      • Drilling operations: casing, cement job, directional drilling, fishing, D.S.T.
      • Drilling rig visit*.
      • Downhole production/completion:
      • Completion design.
      • Reservoir-wellbore interface.
      • Well stimulation.
      • Well equipment and maintenance.
      • Activation.
      • Offshore wells:
      • Selection of the drilling and production rigs - Platforms.
      • Design and specific equipment.

      • Produced fluid properties.
      • Gathering system, hydrate inhibition.
      • Crude oil treatment : separation, crude oil dehydration and desalting processes.
      • Gas processing: dehydration, sweetening, NGL recovery processes.
      • Metering and shipment.
      • Visit of a production site (if available)*.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will:
  • know about major issues in petroleum engineering,
  • understand the various operations carried out during field development, from drilling to surface treatment,
  • know the vocabulary needed to communicate with E&P professionals.

Ways & Means

  • Interactive animation by E&P senior experienced lecturers.
  • Visits to a drilling rig and a production site (in Pau training center)*.
  • Numerous videos.
  • * When the course is delivered in Rueil-Malmaison, practical illustration is provided by video.