Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterization & Modeling Certification


Who should attend?

  • This course provides a comprehensive, practical knowledge of rock properties used for reservoir characterization and modeling workflow, via hands-on activities and case studies using dedicated software for data analysis, data interpretation and reservoir modeling.
Audience :
  • Geoscientists involved in multidisciplinary teams, willing to acquire practical know-how in petrophysical data interpretation for reservoir studies.

Level : Proficiency

Course Content


      • Lectures, hands-on activities and case studies are distributed in several modules of 1-2 weeks long.
      • Training content presents a clear operational orientation in order for participants to get familiar with specific techniques via an extensive exposure to simulations on real cases allowing them to anticipate the problems they will have to cope with later in their own projects.
      • Part 1: Reservoir characterization and modeling
      • Introduction to reservoir characterization.
      • Geological modeling workshop for integrated reservoir studies.
      • Reservoir petrophysics: conventional and special core analysis.
      • Fundamentals of facies analysis & rock typing.
      • Petroleum geostatistics.
      • Well logging and qualitative log interpretation.
      • Core analysis for reservoir characterization.
      • Seismic reservoir characterization AVO and inversion workshop.
      • Quantitative well log analysis.
      • Part 2: Fractured reservoir modeling
      • Naturally fractured reservoirs: static and dynamic modeling.
      • Applied structural geology workshop: structural restauration with LithoTect™.
      • Borehole imaging interpretation workshop with WellCAD™.
      • Fracture and fault modeling workshop with FracaFlow™.
      • Part 3: Final project workshop
      • Final project. Hands-on workshop (team work).
      • Presentation and jury.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • understand concepts, techniques and methods of rock properties applied to reservoir modeling,
  • characterize a fractured network on a field,
  • develop the skills to check the validity of structural interpretation on seismic through time using balancing and structural restoration,
  • apply the current borehole imaging tools and modern interpretation techniques,
  • apply the workflow to characterize and model the fractures network in a reservoir model (real case).

Ways & Means

  • Hands-on activities and simulations on real cases.
  • Emphasis on practical work to develop participants’ autonomy and appropriate decisions.
  • Both personal and group work, team-building, group discussion in results and workflows.
  • Software tools used in the petroleum industry.


  • An international recognition of your competencies.
  • A Graduate Certificate is delivered.
  • An expertise confirmed in Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterization & Modeling .
  • Ready-to-use skills.