E&P Project Planning & Scheduling Workshop


Who should attend?

  • This course provides participants with the know-how to elaborate, optimize and control a project schedule.
Public :
  • Project engineers responsible for building, optimizing and controlling the schedule of upstream projects.

Level : Proficiency

Course Content


      • Planning basis, scheduling sequence and critical path.
      • Schedule updates reflecting actual performance.
      • Progress measurement and control of each execution phase (engineering, procurement and construction).

      • Presentation of a fictitious revamping onshore project (which entails a plant shutdown) to be used as case study.
      • Demonstration of software functions. Critical path visualization.
      • Input and coding of activities, tasks and resources. Reporting levels.
      • Physical progress update for reporting purposes.

      • Presentation of a fictitious deep offshore project to be used as a case study.
      • Demonstration of software functions.
      • Definition of the list of project activities to be carried out according to the project scope of works.
      • Input and coding of activities, tasks and resources necessary to project execution.
      • Sequence of the activities and estimation of their duration. Probabilistic approach in scheduling.
      • Critical path visualization.
      • Various types of progress (physical, cost, hours). Follow-up methods.
      • Relationship between cost progress and schedule.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • take into consideration the different project execution phases when building the schedule,
  • understand the advantages and drawbacks of the various schedule computer tools available on the marketplace,
  • create the detailed planning of a project on Microsoft Project or Primavera according to the client’s software).

Ways & Means

  • Examples of onshore and offshore exploration and production projects.
  • Adaptable case studies on MS Project/Primavera.
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