Directional & Horizontal Drilling Certification

Successful Preparation & Drilling of a Directional Well

Who should attend?

  • This certifying training aims to provide the necessary knowledge to plan and carry out a directional drilling (geothermal, water, storage, oil, gas).
Public :
  • This certification is intended for technicians, site managers, supervisors, superintendents and engineers who will be involved in geothermal, water, storage or oil drilling operations.

Level :Skilled

Prerequisite :
  • Holders of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, young-hire junior engineers or candidates going through the procedure to become a manager in his/her company.

Course Content

  • GENERALITIES - Duration : 6 hours

      • Applications, terms and definitions.
      • Well profiles, coordinates’ system.
      • Trajectory control.
      • Uncertainty calculation, anti-collision.

      • Specific drilling equipment: downhole motors, rotary steerable system.
      • Measuring equipment: MWD, LWD, GWD.
  • DRILLING ENGINEERING - Duration : 13.5 hours

      • Well planning.
      • Limits of use of a drill string: buckling.
      • Drill string design.
      • Torque and drag calculation.
      • Drilling fluids and cementing program.
      • Logging.
      • Geosteering drilling.
      • Well control.
  • HORIZONTAL & ERD - Duration : 1.5 hours

      • ERD, multilateral and short radius.


Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • know about the equipment needed for directional drilling,
  • design a directional well,
  • calculate the trajectory of a deviated well in 2D,
  • design the drill stem, with regard to a well's profile, in order to reach a target.

Ways & Means

  • Exercises.
  • Application to a real case (project) for participants in the “Drilling & Completion Engineering” training course.

Learning assessment

  • Training exercises, writing of an Excel spreadsheet, written exam.


  • An international recognition of your competencies.
  • A is delivered Advanced Certificate.
  • An expertise confirmed in Directional & Horizontal Drilling .
  • Ready-to-use skills.


Coordinator :IFP Training trainer (permanent or contracted) having a good expertise and/or experience of the related topics, trained to adult teaching methods, and whose competencies are kept up-to-date.

To French entities : IFP Training is referenced to DataDock ; you may contact your OPCO about potential funding. Please contact our disabled persons referent to check the accessibility of this training program :