Competency-Based Management

A strategic dimension for your company

These are the key factors in competency-based management to encourage collective success and enhance the value of human capital, which now stands as the cornerstone of a sustainable competitive edge.

  • Identify the skills required for each of the company's business lines and those held by employees, in order to better match needs (the company's business lines and functions) and resources (people).
  • Identify tomorrow's talents, essential to the company's development
  • Develop business skills to improve team performance.
  • Ensuring the employability of every employee
Two energy engineers at Ifp training shake hands while walking on an orange arrow symbolizing progression and partnership.

Our Solutions

to meet your needs and optimize your training actions

Competency Management System

Competency Management System

Align the competencies of your teams with your strategic needs

Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment

Assess the competencies of your teams

Continous Management of Competencies

Continous Management of Competencies

Continuously manage the competencies of your teams

Talents’ detection

Talents’ detection

Detect tomorrow's talents to create value

Our methodology

Integrate with your Competency Management

1 - Developing your competency management system

  • Analysis of your organization
  • Development of your competency framework

CMS Platform

Competency Management System

Support for Elaboration/ Evolution of your dedicated CMS online

2 - Assessing competencies

  • Online assessment
  • Self assessment
  • Third party assessment

CAS & reporting

Competency Assessment System

Third party assessment
Talents’ detection
Development of your learning plan

3 - Long-term management and control of competencies

  • Adjustment of your competency framework
  • Re-assessment of competencies


Continuous Management Competencies

Training, skills assessment,
integration of new competencies

How it works:

Analysis of your organization is essential to prepare your own Competency Management System.

IFP Training will work with your teams to determine which competencies are relevant per job profile.
Based on this collaborative work, a set of key competencies is determined to perform the different tasks associated to each job profile.

Two engineers discuss a set of plans in the energy industry.



Creation of the assessment course for each job profile



Assessment course accessible to "participants"



Individual report or global report issued by IFP Training
Customized learning plan



Reassessment of competencies to follow the evolution of your activities

The competency framework development is based on:

  • The IFP Training library
  • The analysis of your organization
  • The selection of key competencies by job profile

Several assessment methods are available:

  • Online via our LMS platform
  • Self-assessment by the employee and/or his/her manager
  • Third party assessment/interview
  • On-The-Job competency assessment

To deal with various behaviors and work situations, a mix of different methods is possible.


  • Customized individual and/or collective reports
  • Talents’ detection
  • Allows to prepare the development of learning plan
  • Delivered by IFP Training

Reassessment of competencies (Continuous Management of Competencies):

  • Initial framework according to the job
  • Re-adjustment of the framework according to the evolution of the job
  • Monitoring of competences : Dedicated interface