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E-451 - Well Productivity & Reservoir - Wellbore Interface

  • Young engineers involved in drilling/completion, supervisors in charge of drilling pay zone, and production professionals concerned with well productivity
  • To provide the knowledge and skills needed to optimize the reservoir-wellbore interface and well productivity
Learning Objectives
  • To choose a reservoir-wellbore interface adapted to the conditions encountered in the reservoir
  • To detect problems holding down productivity and select adequate solutions
Ways and means
  • Numerous exercises on the influence of key parameters
  • Summary notes prepared and presented by the participants
  • Application to a real case (project) for the participants in the “Drilling and Completion Engineering” training course (E-412)

Necessary fundamentals of reservoir engineering for completion 1 day
  • Main parameters about the rock-fluid couple: porosity, permeability, saturation
  • Means of reservoir knowledge: core, logging, well test
  • PVT study: PV diagram, PT diagram, terminology (bubble point, dew point, Rs, Bo, Bg, GOR, WOR...)
  • Drainage mechanisms: primary, secondary and enhanced recovery
Completion fundamentals 0.5 day
  • Completion: operations involved, main phases
  • Main factors influencing completion design
  • Completion configurations: fundamental requirements, main configurations
Well productivity (part 1) 1 day
  • Fundamentals: overall approach of the well flow capacity
  • Inflow (study of the bottomhole pressure from the upstream side): main parameters, Productivity Index (PI), global skin and flow efficiency
  • Outflow (study of the bottomhole pressure from the downstream side): case of oil wells and case of gas wells
  • Analysis of inflow and outflow performance curves, need for artificial lift
Reservoir wellbore interface implementation (excluding “Wellbore Treatments”) 1 day
  • Specific aspects linked to drilling and cementing the pay zone
  • Perforating: main techniques, key parameters for productivity
  • Specific case of horizontal drains
Well productivity (part 2) 1 day
  • Additional information about PI
  • Productivity index and flow regime
  • Inflow performance below bubble point pressure (IPR)
  • Additional information about skin
  • Components of completion skin
  • Damage skin estimation
Summary note 0.5 day
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