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E-405C - Well Operations & Completion Engineering Certification

40 days FOR/CE
  • Young engineers involved in drilling and completion, supervisors, tool pushers
  • To provide an in-depth, practical understanding of completion techniques, operations, equipment and procedures
Learning Objectives
  • To assist in completion operations on site; and, with some experience, manage those operations
  • To define a completion program; and, with some on-site experience, design and implement such a program
  • To pass the IWCF “Well Intervention and Pressure Control” Test
Ways and means
  • Equipment and cutaway tools display
    Exercises, role-playing sessions, and case studies
    Summary notes prepared and presented by the participants
    5-day completion project, ending with a presentation to a jury
    Knowledge assessment on a weekly basis
    Upon successful completion of a knowledge test, the IWCF Well Intervention and Pressure control Certificate is delivered

Module 1 - Common fundamentals for drilling and completion (cf. E-419) 5 days
Module 2 - Well productivity & reservoir - Wellbore interface (cf. E-451) 5 days
Module 3 - Well completion equipment and procedures (for flowing wells) (cf. E-453) 5 days
Module 4 - Wellbore treatments (cf. E-455) 5 days
Module 5 - Artificial lift & well intervention fundamentals (cf. E-458) 5 days
Module 6 - Coiled tubing & nitrogen operations (cf. E-461) 5 days
Module 7 - Well intervention and pressure control (cf. E-473) 5 days
Module 8 - Project on completion program 5 days
  • Completion design
  • Tubing calculations
  • Fluids design
  • Chronology of operations
  • Presentation to a jury