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E-427 - Underbalanced & Managed Pressure Drilling: Applications, Design & Operations

5 days FOR/UBDE
  • Drilling and mud engineers, superintendents and supervisors, and all professionals involved in well planning and operation
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical knowledge of non-conventional techniques used in advanced drilling and completion processes to enhance drilling performance and oil recovery
Learning Objectives
  • To deal with issues of narrow pore/fracture pressure gradient windows, lost circulation, abnormal pressures, kick/loss situations
  • To drill wells in depleted reservoirs
  • To acquire basic concepts of managed and underbalanced pressure drilling
  • To review various managed pressure drilling methods and equipment
  • To identify typical situations calling for managed pressure drilling and assess potential benefit
  • To review typical applications, equipment and operation of underbalanced drilling
Ways and means
  • Several case studies and examples are discussed

Basic principles of managed pressure drilling 1 day
  • History, objectives and definitions
  • Occurrence and implications of narrow pore and fracture pressures windows on well design and well control
  • Dynamic factors affecting bottom hole pressure
  • Mathematics and examples
Mud cap drilling 0.5 day
  • History of mud cap drilling
  • Pressurized and floating mud cap
  • Mud cap operation
Managed pressure drilling equipment 0.5 day
  • Rotating control devices
  • Chokes
  • Drill pipe non return valves and down-hole annular valves
  • ECD reduction tools
  • Coriolis flow-meter, friction pump
Managed pressure drilling using pressure as primary control 1 day
  • Introduction, open and closed back pressure systems
  • Automated back pressure system technology
  • Continuous circulating system technology
Managed pressure drilling using flow as primary control 1 day
  • Process description
  • Equipment and technology
  • Applications
Underbalanced drilling 0.5 day
  • Underbalanced drilling objectives and applications
  • Underbalanced drilling equipment and operations
Conclusion 0.5 day
  • Advantages of managed and underbalanced drilling
  • Potential and limitations
  • Typical applications