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E-780 - Subsea Activities

9 days PL/OFFGB
  • Engineers and technicians whose activity is related to the design, construction and/or operation of oil & gas subsea production systems
  • To provide technical knowledge on oil & gas subsea production systems
Learning Objectives
  • To select the technology with the right criteria for the different equipment used for subsea production systems
  • To select through typical subsea architecture and in particular in deep offshore
  • To check installation techniques (with ROV, etc.)
  • To deal with the main problems of flow assurance and prevention techniques
Ways and means
  • Lectures carry numerous examples from ongoing projects
  • Each step of the course is illustrated by numerous examples taken from actual oil & gas construction activities
  • Training E-780 may be validated, on request, as such when all modules have been done
All the modules are independent and may be done separately. Please refer to the training description for more details

Module 1: SUBSEA PRODUCTION SYSTEMS (cf. E-781) 5 days
  • Subsea components and field architecture
  • Pipelines and risers
  • Subsea construction & intervention
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Operational challenges
  • Operation from production platforms
  • New technologies
Module 2: SUBSEA PIPELINES (cf. E-782) 4 days
  • Introduction
  • Pipeline operation: main constraints
  • Design of rigid pipelines & risers
  • Flexible pipelines design
  • Offshore pipeline construction
  • Shore approach construction
  • Trenching & protection
  • Subsea tie-in methods
  • Precommissioning & pigging
  • Pipeline integrity
  • Workshop
2016 course calendar
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Jun 06 - 16 Rueil €5,160 Online By email

2017 course calendar
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Sep 18 - 28 Rueil €5,470 Online