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E-547 - Production Facilities Control Room Operation

  • Experienced control room operators and production supervisors looking to advance their know-how in control room operation
  • To acquire best practices of production facilities control room operation through role-play situations on integrated oil & gas production plant dynamic simulator
Learning Objectives
  • To analyze and anticipate behavior of main control loop structures
  • To describe DCS and SIS systems architecture and functionalities
  • To explain production equipment and processes operating parameters and perform troubleshooting
  • To implement proactive and anticipatory control room operation and acquire a safety mindset
  • To react and act in a structured manner to anomalies and plant upsets
  • To enforce safety guidelines during downgraded and critical situations
Ways and means
  • Extensive practice on integrated oil & gas production plant dynamic simulator
  • Numerous case studies and role-play situations

PID controllers and control loops structures 1 day
  • Control valve characteristic
  • Controllers and loop structures
  • P&ID tuning on a 3-phase separator simulator control loops
DCS & SIS 1.5 days
  • Lesson Safety Instrumented system
  • Exercise on integrated dynamic simulator
  • PSS safety logic activation
  • HIPPS activation
  • Flammable gas detection
Wells and production lines operation 1 day
  • Well start-up (manual/auto mode)
  • Well shutdown (manual/auto mode)
Surface production processes operation 1.5 days
  • Effect of MSS operating conditions (P;T) on RVP (P decrease, P increase, T increase)
Control room normal operation best practices 1.5 days
  • Need for proactive plant operation
  • Routine check road map
  • Handover, difficulties and traps
Rotating machinery operation 1 day
  • Technology, auxiliaries, process circuit, operating parameters, control and protection systems
  • Centrifugal pump simulation
  • Pump characteristic curve. Case of a level decrease in the upstream separator, pressure decrease in the upstream separator, plugged strainer. Gas carry-under case.
  • Compressor simulation
  • Case of feed gas temperature Increase, of high level in the suction scrubber. Compressor surge conditions. Start-up and shutdown sequences
Anomalies and plant upsets management 1 day
  • Six exercises aiming at providing the participants with a structured method to identify and tackle plant upsets
Safety in control room operations 1.5 days
  • Complete unit start-up after a depressurised shutdown