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E-544 - Preparatory Course for Production Operator

25 days FOPS/PCBOA
  • Newly-hired personnel who need to strengthen their academic fundamentals before attending technical training courses.
  • To consolidate mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanics fundamentals required to attend IFP Training’s Production Field Operator certification or other technical courses for operators.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • reach the prerequisite academic level in mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanics applied to Oil & Gas industry in order to attend technical courses,
  • explain the basics of Oil & Gas production.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Numerous application exercises inspired from Oil & Gas production operations.

Overview of Oil & Gas production 1 day
Applied mathematics for Oil & Gas production operations 5 days
  • Powers and roots. Solving first degree equations, first degree inequalities. Functional relations.
  • Numerical equalities and inequalities.
Systems & motions 0.5 day
  • Units and international system.
  • Time, position/trajectory, velocity, acceleration.
Force & associated quantities 1.5 days
  • Force, mass, weight.
  • Specific gravity, density, °API.
  • Pressure, buoyancy.
  • Moment of a force, torque.
  • Energy, work and power.
Thermal physics 2 days
  • Temperature and heat.
  • Specific heat and latent heat.
  • Combustion and calorific power.
Well effluent characterization & fluid flow 1 day
  • Introduction to notions of GOR, BSW, …
  • Flow, flow regimes and viscosity.
Fundamentals of electricity 2 days
  • Current, intensity and voltage.
  • Resistor, electric power, generator and receiver.
Fundamentals of organic chemistry 2 days
  • Atom, molecule, counting matter.
  • Nomenclature, hydrocarbon groups and physical properties.
  • Chemical reaction.
Inorganic chemistry - Fundamentals of aqueous solution chemistry 1.5 days
  • Acids/bases and pH.
  • Red-Ox chemistry.
  • Introduction to corrosion.
Basics of separation 2 days
  • Liquid-solid separation: application to desanding operation.
  • Liquid-liquid separations: application to oil and water separation (MultiStage Separation: MSS, Deoiling, …).
  • Liquid-gas separation: application to Oil & Gas separation (Absorption, Striping, MSS, …).
Introduction to laboratory analyzes applied to Oil & Gas industry 0.5 day
  • Principles of metrology.
Symbolization, schematics & industrial drawings 2 days
  • Industrial drawings, dimensions and standards.
Materials used in Oil & Gas industry (steels, cast iron, …) 2 days
  • Classification, designation.
  • Main mechanical properties of steels and main alloys.
  • Introduction to material resistance and modes of failure.
  • Heat treatment and mechanical characteristics of steel and main alloys.
Mechanical parts of rotating machinery 2 days
  • Bearing & trust bearings.
  • Coupling & gears.
  • Lubrication.