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Place & Role of Equipment in Refining & Chemical Processes

6 days RPC/ITREQ-E
  • Suppliers or subcontractors for the oil and gas processing sector or the refining and chemical industry.
  • To deepen knowledge of the role and operating conditions of specific equipment used in various processing plants.
  • To gain a better understanding of customers: their processes, vocabulary, work environment, etc.
Learning Objectives
  • To learn about the role of specific equipment in various processes.
  • To identify the operating conditions and constraints for different phases of operation.
  • To understand the industry's terms and conditions.
This is a modular course and the example herein is divided into three independent parts. On request, the course can be customized to focus on different types of equipment such as pumps, compressors, furnaces, filters, dryers, etc.

Example of course content related to compressors
  • For each unit, the following items are discussed:
  • role and principle of the process, simplified process flow diagram, role of the compressor in the process
  • normal operating conditions and impact of various modifications on the operation of the compressor
  • particular operating conditions: shutdown, start-up, regeneration of the catalyst, decoking, etc.
Compressors in oil & gas processing and transportation 2 days
  • Production of natural gas and associated gas: natural production and reinjection compressors.
  • Secondary oil recovery: gas lift, associated gas reinjection compressors.
  • Gas transportation by pipe: recompression station.
  • Means of gas storage: surface, underground.
Compressors in refining processes 2 days
  • Initial fractionation of crude oil: overhead gas compressor.
  • Catalytic reforming: recycle, make-up, recontacting, regeneration compressors.
  • Hydrorefining: recycle and make-up compressors.
  • Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC): wet gas compressor and air blower.
  • Hydrocracking: recycle and make-up compressors.
  • Alkylation: cryogenic compressor.
  • Visbreaking: wet gas compressor.
  • Coker: wet gas compressor.
Compressors in the petrochemical industry 2 days
  • Steamcracking: cracked gas and cryogenic compressors.
  • Ammonia: air blower, cryogenic compressor.
  • Urea: CO2 compressor.
  • Nitric acid: air blower.
  • Sulfuric acid: air blower.
  • Methanol: make-up compressor, air blower.