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E-531C - Panel Operator Certification

  • Experienced production field operators called on to hold a panel operator position in oil and gas production facilities
  • To provide the required skills and comprehensive knowledge to hold the position of a panel operator in normal operation and with the appropriate attitude towards plant operation safety issues. Allow rapid and efficient adaptation to the position of Control Room Operator, based on professional experience of participants. A certificate will be delivered to the trainee if the necessary criterions have been fulfilled
Learning Objectives
  • To grasp the necessary foundation methodology and a philosophy to drive an oil and gas process with a DCS
  • To be convinced of the absolute necessity of a proactive and anticipatory operation
  • To analyze and react methodically to anomalies, incidents and emergency situations in a safe manner
  • To implement emergency procedures
Ways and means
  • Very practical training program with numerous case studies on dynamic simulator (more than 2/3 of the training time is dedicated to simulator practice)

Panel operator's role 5 days
  • Control room organization and panel operator role
  • Panel operator reporting and handover duties. Plant documentation in control room
  • Radio-communication
Process control DCS and SIS
  • Process control
  • Control loop & associated symbolization. Instruments technology
  • Controllers operating principles & parameters. Control loops structures
  • Standalone simulator: Simple loop controller tuning and impact of P,I,D actions – Case of a 3-phase separator; Typical transmitters faults
  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • ICSS architecture and system components. Human-machine interface (HMI)
  • HMI functions: trends, alarms… Automated sequences and Safety Instrumented Systems: PSS, ESD, HIPPS, EDP
  • Integrated plant simulator: DCS views and functionalities browsing; Reading safety logics; Package sequence analysis
Well and production lines operation 5 days
  • Reservoir conditions and production modes. Production principles and physics applied to well
  • Surface wells and subsea wells: equipment; architectures, operating procedures
  • Common well interventions. Production and injection wells monitoring – Common troubles
  • Safety and prevention/protection barriers
  • Integrated plant simulator: Well – Production lines section parameters analysis – FPSO case
Rotating machinery operation 4 days
  • Operating parameters and mechanical conditions monitoring, protection systems and operation of centrifugal pump, reciprocating compressor, centrifugal compressor
Production products and processing 5 days
  • Well effluents. Introduction to flow assurance: hydrates prevention, deposits
  • Surface processing: main operating parameters of common processes
  • Crude oil and sales gas custody transfer and export
  • Standalone simulators: Crude oil processing, gas processing, metering and export – FPSO case
Integrated plant operation following best practices 8 days
  • Alertness, proactive plant operation. Trends usage as an anticipation tool
  • Alarms management: alarm types and classification, decision making
  • Steady state runs: routine checks, post-handover checks, global performances checking
  • Operating in transient conditions: Production planned shutdown; Production restart
  • Integrated plant simulator: Practice of integrated plant operation in steady and transient conditions – Case of a FPSO
Safety in operation in normal and downgraded mode 8 days
  • Routine operations: Permit to Work, work orders, isolations, inhibitions management
  • Downgraded situations. Special operations: SIMOPS, black start
  • Process upsets: reacting and acting in a structured manner
  • SIS: Process and emergency shutdown levels - Related panel operator role and duties
  • Emergency shutdown procedures and crisis management: stress management and making decision
  • Integrated plant simulator: Operating in downgraded situations; Emergency shutdown monitoring – Managing process upsets through exercises of progressive difficulty; Emergency shutdown procedures implementation
2016 course calendar
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Sep 12 - Oct 28 Rueil €34,070 Online By email