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E-650 - Offshore Field Development - Pipelines & Flow Assurance

  • Engineers and technicians involved in designing, constructing or operating oil and gas offshore production facilities
  • To provide a deep understanding of offshore technology and techniques, with a particular emphasis on issues of flow assurance
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the technology and design of offshore production facilities
  • To grasp the architecture of offshore field developments, from shallow water to deep offshore
  • To understand pipelines technology, laying techniques and main operational problems
  • To learn the techniques used to prevent main problems of flow assurance
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry-specialist lecturers
  • Numerous case studies from the offshore industry

Overview of offshore developments 0.25 day
  • Constraints specific to offshore production
  • Present performances and future perspectives - Technological barriers
Fixed and floating production structures 0.25 day
  • Offshore production structures: jacket, semi-submersible, SPAR, TLP, FPSO...
  • Selection criteria - Limitations
  • Terminology: shallow water, deep offshore, ultra deep offshore
Construction and installation of platforms 0.5 day
  • Platform technology - Platform installation techniques
  • Examples of shallow water developments
Deep offshore developments 0.5 day
  • Typical subsea architecture: subsea wellheads, well jumpers, production manifolds, production lines, production risers, preservation lines, umbilicals
  • Role and technology of each piece of equipment
  • Examples of deep offshore developments
FPSO/FSO technology 0.5 day
  • Technology of Floating (Production) Storage and Offloading vessels
  • Ballast tanks - Atmosphere control
  • Oil, methanol... storage tanks - Blanketing system
  • Storage tanks start-up procedures - Incidents
  • Technology and operation of FPSO/FSO offloading (tanker loading) buoy
Operation of terminals 0.25 day
  • Technology of tankers and Loading/Offloading equipment
  • Marine operations of reception and exports
  • Terminal constraints: storage capacity, scheduling
New deepwater technologies 0.25 day
  • Overview of new deepwater technologies that are in R&D or pilot stages
Flow assurance 1/2: prevention of deposits in flowlines 0.5 day
  • Main Flow Assurance problems: hydrates, paraffins, sulfates, sand, salt, naphtenates...
  • Main technical solutions and preservation operations - Intervention techniques
Flow assurance 2/2: monitoring of multi-phase flow through flowlines 1 day
  • Multi-phase flow patterns - Application to Oil & Gas upstream activities
  • Gas dominated systems: dry versus wet scheme, flowline and slug catcher design
  • Oil dominated systems: hydrodynamic slug flow, examples
Pipelines: technology, laying and operation 1 day
  • Technology of pipelines: standards, material grades, insulation techniques
  • Pipeline laying techniques (offshore and shore approach) - Illustrations
  • Pipeline operation and maintenance:
  • Main flow assurance problems - Main available technical solutions
  • Pipe corrosion monitoring and prevention - Cathodic protection
  • Pipeline maintenance / Maintenance management
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