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E-533 - Module 3: Gas Processing & Conditioning

5 days PROC/ADV3GB
  • Engineers involved in operating or designing gas field processing and conditioning facilities.
  • This course provides a comprehensive understanding of gas treatment processes, operation and troubleshooting.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • assess various problems induced by unwanted elements in natural gas streams,
  • master gas treatment and liquefaction processes, operations and related operating conditions,
  • perform hand calculations for summary design of main gas processing equipment,
  • ascertain main operating problems encountered in gas processing and conditioning and related solutions,
  • simulate natural gas treatment processes using the PRO/IITM software.
  • It is highly recommended to attend Module 1 first (cf. E-531).
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry-specialist lecturers.
  • Numerous applications and illustrations.
  • Extensive practice of PRO/IITM process simulation software.

Need for field processing of gas - Quality requirements 0.25 day
  • Constituents raising problems for storage, transport or end use of natural gas.
  • Different specifications and quality requirements for natural gas.
  • Necessary treatments to conform these specifications.
  • Examples of compositions of commercialized natural gases.
Gas dehydration (drying) & hydrate formation inhibition 1.25 days
  • System behavior. Moisture content of a saturated gas:
  • Applications: moisture content of different gases of various compositions.
  • Hydrate formation inhibition by injection of inhibitors: MeOH, MEG, DEG, LDHI, …
  • Gas dehydration processes: TEG units, molecular sieves, …
  • Application: summary design of TEG unit.
  • PRO/IITM simulation: simulation of TEG unit.
Gas sweetening: removal of acid components (H2S and/or CO2) 0.75 day
  • Overview of the techniques dedicated to gas sweetening:
  • Chemical solvent processes. Amine units (MEA, DEA, DGA, MDEA, …).
  • Physical solvent processes.
  • Hybrid (physico-chemical) solvent processes.
  • Overview of other techniques.
  • Conversion of H2S: sulfur production (CLAUS process) and tail gas processing.
  • Application: summary design of an amine unit.
Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) extraction (removal of heavy components) 0.75 day
  • External refrigeration loop.
  • Joule-Thomson expansion.
  • Turbo-expander.
  • Application: calculation of cryogenic loop used for extraction.
  • PRO/IITM simulation: simulation of NGL extraction unit - Process selection.
Case study: simulation of a whole natural gas field processing plant 1 day
  • Study of a natural gas dehydration, NGL extraction and compression unit.
  • Optimization of the operating parameters.
  • Analysis of hydrate formation risks.
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 1 day
  • Liquefaction processes: operating principle, typical operating conditions, technology of specific equipment (plate fin heatexchangers, spiral-wound heat exchanges, refrigeration loop compressors, …), power consumption, …
  • LNG storage and transport: storage tanks, LNG carriers, jetty, loading arms, …
  • Safety considerations specific to natural gas liquefaction plants.
  • Industrial examples of natural gas liquefaction units.
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