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E-456 - Matrix Acidizing

  • Drilling or completion engineers, supervisors, lab or production professionals, non-specialists in wellbore treatment
  • To provide knowledge and skills needed to identify well damage issues in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, and design acidizing programs
Learning Objectives
  • To identify the nature and the origins of well damage
  • To design an acidizing program
  • To select the additives needed
  • To set up the acid treatment program
Ways and means
  • Exercises - Teamwork
  • Visit of a reservoir-wellbore interface laboratory
Kindly refer to the following complementary course which might be of interest: “Welbore Treatments” (E-455)

Introduction to reservoir treatments 0.5 day
  • Fundamental reminders on the productivity index (PI), the skin effect and flow efficiency, the different components of the skin
Formation damage 1 day
  • Productivity issues
  • Cause of low productivity, nature and origins of the damage, location of the problems and possible solutions
  • Scale deposition
  • Scale control and prevention
Matrix treatment: acidizing carbonates 1 day
  • Aims; how it works
  • Sandstones: inner characteristics, reactivity to injected fluids
  • Laboratory studies
  • Exercises
Matrix treatment: acidizing sandstones 1 day
  • Aims; how it works
  • Sandstones: inner characteristics, reactivity to injected fluids
  • Choosing the acids
Acidizing additives 0.5 day
  • Review of the different additives (corrosion inhibitor, iron complexing agents, surfactants, solvents, etc.)
  • Selection of the additives
Matrix treatment design 0.5 day
  • Candidate selection
  • Matrix design methodology
  • Diversion
  • Treatment evaluation
Summary note 0.5 day
  • Other associated processes (water shut-off...)
  • Causes of failure in matrix acidizing
  • Case study