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E-602 - HSE Management

  • Engineers expected to assume a HSE Engineer position, Business Managers seeking to acquire comprehensive HSE management knowledge.
  • This course provides the knowledge required to implement and follow-up a HSE management system, in order to ensure a higher level of safety and more environmentally-friendly business activities.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • suggest a relevant HSE organization in order to fulfil local needs,
  • identify and explain the different elements of a general HSE management system based on a risk management approach,
  • follow adequately local HSE rules and regulations and contribute to their improvement,
  • contribute to building an HSE culture within their organization, which will allow avoiding incidents and accidents,
  • prepare HSE audits and be familiar with continuous improvement processes,
  • participate efficiently to a crisis organization.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Several applications and illustrations.
  • Several case studies and teamwork sessions.

Overview of HSE management systems 0.25 day
  • Historical approach. Initial development and current standards.
  • Introduction to Integrated Management System. Certification.
  • Industry approach. Operating Management System.
Fundamentals of management system 0.5 day
  • Leadership. HSE Leadership characteristics. Roles of safety leaders. Communication and motivation.
  • Introduction to risk management. Risk assessment process.
  • Continuous improvement. PDCA cycle.
Management commitment & leadership 0.5 day
  • Commitment and accountability.
  • Establishment of a HSE Culture throughout the organization. Importance of communication.
  • Management commitment. HSE policy.
  • Strategies for establishment of HSE objectives.
  • Main Key Performance Indicators in the industry.
  • Establishment of compliance with legal requirements and industry standards.
  • Personnel management. HSE competence assurance. Training matrix.
Risk management 1 day
  • Establishment of risk assessment and control – Concepts, strategies and objectives.
  • Risk Management tools, hazard identification and risk register. Risk map of activities.
  • Establishment of a corporate risk matrix.
  • Environmental and Social impact assessment process.
  • Human factors and human error.
  • Management of Change procedure.
  • Downgraded situations and simultaneous operations.
  • Safety design and asset integrity assurance – Main concepts.
  • Identification and management of Safety Critical Elements.
Stakeholders management 0.5 day
  • Main concepts – Stakeholders map.
  • Social engagement planning.
  • Contractor management – Interface between contractors and partners management systems.
HSE planning & crisis management 0.75 day
  • Fundamentals of HSE management in projects.
  • Structure and elements of HSE plans.
  • Environmental management plans.
  • Structure for emergency response planning. Establishment of tiers and development from risk assessment information.
  • Crisis management organization and management of information and resources during emergencies.
Elements for execution & control 0.75 day
  • Tools for risk assessment of execution activities:
  • Permit To Work System.
  • Job Safety Analysis.
  • Observation and HSE awareness programs.
  • Pre-start up review.
  • Health and ergonomics management.
  • Logistics HSE management.
Audits & continuous improvement 0.75 day
  • Elements for monitoring and reporting.
  • Undesired events reporting and investigation procedure.
  • Environmental and social monitoring.
  • Public reporting, sustainability reporting.
  • Audit planning.
  • Management of improving actions.
  • Management system review.
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