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E-031 - Exploration & Production Overview

  • All Professionals within the petroleum industry (commercial, legal, financial, human resources and support entities), or related sectors including Ministry of Energy professionals, who need of a general knowledge about the oil and gas upstream sector
  • To provide a complete overview of the techniques, achievements and challenges of the Exploration-Production industry: Geosciences, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling and Well Completion, Surface Facilities, Onshore and Offshore Production
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the various phases of oil and gas exploration and production
  • To understand the contribution of all experts and technologies involved in this sector
  • To understand the E&P value chain from prospect to market
  • To learn the vocabulary needed to attend E&P project technical meetings
Ways and means
  • Interactive animation by E&P senior experienced lecturers
  • Use of several illustrations: videos, rock samples, tools, effluents…
  • Various examples
Other training duration availability on request

  • Welcome, introduction to Exploration & Production
Geosciences 1 day
  • Exploration Tools: Geology
  • Structural geology - Rocks and sedimentary basins
  • From hydrocarbons to reservoir, well logging
  • Exploration Tools: Geophysics
  • Principles, Acquisition, Interpretation
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • From physical interpretation to reservoir modeling
  • Evaluation of the reserves, well test, drainage mechanisms
  • Different types of effluent and their behavior
Drilling and well completion 1 day
  • Drilling
  • Well architecture, Drilling Rig functions, Drilling techniques and operation
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • Well Completion
  • Reservoir / Wellbore interface, Artificial Lift techniques
  • Well equipment and Well intervention
Field processing - Surface facilities 1 day
  • Field processing of well effluent
  • Gathering network, effluent processing, metering and export
  • Offshore installations
  • Fixed and floating production structures
  • Deep offshore technology
Field development and decision making process 1 day
  • Field development process - Oil & Gas project phases
  • Project profitability evaluation and contracts
  • Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Project Management
The future 1 day
  • The new challenges for the Oil & Gas industry
  • New energies
  • Environmental aspects
2016 course calendar
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Apr 11 - 15 Rueil €3,360 Online By email
Jun 20 - 24 Rueil €3,360 Online By email
Sep 12 - 16 Port-Gentil €3,730 Online By email
Sep 26 - 30 Rueil €3,360 Online By email
Oct 10 - 14 Rueil €3,360 Online By email
Oct 23 - 27 Dubai €3,240 Online By email
Nov 28 - Dec 02 Rueil €3,360 Online By email