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E-425C - Directional & Horizontal Drilling Certification

  • Drilling engineers, supervisors, tool pushers
  • To provide a comprehensive knowledge on how to prepare efficiently and succeed in drilling a directional well
Learning Objectives
  • To learn about the equipment needed for directional drilling
  • To design a directional well
  • To calculate the trajectory of a deviated well in 2D
  • To design the drill stem, with regard to a well's profile, in order to reach a target
  • Course E-420 “Well Architecture and Equipment”, or equivalent practical experience, is highly recommended
Ways and means
  • Exercises
  • Application to a real case (project) for participants in the “Drilling and Completion Engineering” training course (E-412)

Generalities 1 day
  • Applications, terms and definitions
  • Well profiles, coordinates system
  • Trajectory control
  • Uncertainty calculation, anti-collision
Directional drilling equipment 0.75 day
  • Specific drilling equipment: downhole motors, rotary steerable system
  • Measuring equipment: MWD
Drilling engineering 2.5 days
  • Well planning
  • Limits of use of a drill string: buckling
  • Drill string design
  • Torque and drag calculation
  • Drilling fluids and cementing program
  • Logging
  • Well control
Horizontal and ERD 0.25 day
  • ERD, multilateral and short radius
Case studies 0.5 day
2016 course calendar
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Apr 18 - 22 Pau €3,380 Online By email
Jun 06 - 10 Pau €3,380 Online By email
Oct 24 - 28 Pau €3,380 Online