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Commissioning & Start-Up of Process Units

4 days SEC/OPDEM-E
  • Supervisors, engineers and technicians of refining, petrochemical and engineering companies.
  • Operating and technical staff responsible for the commissioning and start-up of a new or upgraded plant.
  • To provide knowledge for the successful commissioning and start-up of a new plant.
Learning Objectives
  • To learn how to plan and organize the start-up and acceptance of process units.
  • To take into account the specific constraints of these activities.
  • To solve problems related to financial, technical, operational and organizational aspects.
Ways and means
  • Numerous applications and cases studies.
  • An interactive delivery method that draws on participants’ experiences.
This course is also available in Spanish.

Organization and risks management 1 day
  • Main steps : pre-commissioning, mechanical completion, commissioning, ready for start-up, start-up permit, performance test runs, temporary and final acceptance. Responsibilities of partners.
  • Plant breakdown into systems and sub-systems.
  • Reference documents: equipment specifications, PIDs, technology transfer manual, control loops, diagrams, …
  • Commissioning and start-up schedule.
  • Risks related to transient phases and utilities start-up: explosive atmospheres, nitrogen, steam, air, fuel gas.
  • Fluid behavior and related hazards: pressure, temperature, thermal expansion, vacuum, water hammer.
  • Changing risks between construction and start-up.

  • Management of changes
  • Practical case studies on a typical process unit.
End of construction - Precommissioning 1 day
  • Precommissioning activities: hydraulic tests and equipment cleaning.
  • Mechanical acceptance, punch list classification, follow-up and close out.
  • Practical checks on construction standards: static equipment, instrumentation, utilities systems.
  • Standard precommissioning checks for rotating equipment.
  • Practical exercise: verification of static equipment installed on-site - Case study on a typical process unit.
Commissioning 1 day
  • Commissioning activities. Cleaning: chemical cleaning, flushing and blowing.
  • Equipment drying and dynamic testings.
  • Practical exercise: steam flushing.
  • Preparation for the start-up of rotating equipment.
  • Case study on a typical process unit.
Start-up and acceptance 1 day
  • Pre-start-up safety review - Start-up acceptance: checks required before oil-in.
  • Start-up: leak tests, air removal, plant feeding.
  • Transition towards industrial production: start-up and performance tests, temporary acceptance certificate, mechanical warranty period, final acceptance certificate.
  • Case study on a typical process unit.
  • Practical exercise: groupwork to establish acceptance checklists or commissioning and start-up procedures on equipment.
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