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E-503C - Advanced Oil & Gas Field Processing Certification

15 days PROD/ADVGB
  • Engineers involved in operating or designing oil and gas field processing facilities
  • To deepen understanding of oil and gas field processing techniques
Learning Objectives
  • To understand main thermodynamic transformations involved in oil and gas processing
  • To grasp a comprehensive picture of oil and gas processing facilities
  • To simulate main oil and gas facilities
  • To master operating variables and conditions of processing facilities
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training with industry-specialist lecturers
  • Numerous applications and illustrations
  • Extensive practice of ProII process simulation software: a case study will be developed all along these 3 weeks (simulation of a crude oil and associated gas treatment process)
The course is a combination of three separate modules Refer to next pages for detailed content

Module 1: Thermodynamics applied to well effluent processing (cf. E-504) 5 days
  • Well effluent
  • Ideal and real fluid behavior
  • Liquid-Vapor equilibrium of pure substances
  • Vapor pressure curves
  • Enthalpy diagrams
  • ProII simulation exercises
  • Liquid-Vapor equilibrium of mixtures - Mixture separation processes
  • Phase envelopes
  • Flash, Distillation, Absorption, Stripping
  • ProII simulation exercises
Module 2: Oil and water treatment (cf. E-505) 5 days
  • Need for field processing of oil - Quality requirements
  • Crude oil treatment
  • Crude stabilization
  • Crude dehydration
  • Acid crude sweetening
  • Crude oil treatment process simulation using ProII
  • Production water treatment
  • Regulation for disposal
  • Main treatments
  • Injection water treatment
  • Quality requirements
  • Main treatments
Module 3: Gas processing and conditioning (cf. E-506) 5 days
  • Need for field processing of gas - Quality requirements
  • Gas processing
  • Gas dehydration
  • Gas sweetening
  • NGL extraction
  • Simulation of a gas processing chain using ProII
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
2016 course calendar
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Sep 19 - Oct 07 Rueil €9,450 Online By email