Compliance with quality standards

Compliance with quality standards

As a company focused on quality services, follow-up and support of all its customers and participants, IFP Training is proud to now hold a Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) Decree Quality certification. This certification, awarded by the world's leading provider of independent assessment services (including certification, validation, verification and training), is recognized by the CNEFOP (National Employment, Training and Vocational Guidances Council) and demonstrates our conformity with all criteria of international regulations.

Moreover, IFP Training is referenced on the DataDock platform, the national french database which gathers the training institutions recognized and fundable by OPCA’s (sponsoring organisms collecting funds to finance employees’ training). 

Each and every one of our sessions meet the requirements relative to the identification of educational objectives and the adaptation to the trained audience, through our comprehensive programs specifying the following elements:

  • the target audience and prerequisites
  • the educational objectives
  • the management team
  • the educational and technical means
  • the assessment modalities regarding the acquired experience

Detailed programs are available upon request.