Held on November 9, our 22nd International Gas & Power Summit brought together some 200 participants as well as high-level speakers from gas and power industries, administrations as well as heads of international organizations. Topics were of keen interest to energy experts and consultants, investors, other industry professionals and journalists.he Summit discussed future gas demand prospects looking at traditional and new uses of natural gas. Impacts on natural gas demand of development of renewables and electricity storage technologies were also examined.

The global LNG market is bound to witness a very strong supply growth phase. Consequently, there is a queue of LNG supply projects today waiting to come on stream over the next few years, leading to a significant shift in the gas industry outlook. The Summit looked at the way the industry is adjusting to such new landscape, in a lower oil prices context.

In a market environment of low gas price, reducing costs is becoming increasingly important for LNG industry players. Responding to such interest, the Summit dedicated a session during which the panelists discussed ways and means to reduce LNG development costs (simplification of design, adoption of new processes, reduction of construction costs, changes in EPC contractual terms, etc).

On the power sector front, participants in the Summit heard from Abderrahim El Hafidi, Morocco’s Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Mines & Sustainable Development on his country’s experience in meeting rising energy and electricity needs while addressing energy transition.

The Summit also addressed the numerous challenges facing the power sector: the ageing generation capacity, the incorporation of growing share of renewables in the electricity mix, the adjustment to international and national-level climate and energy policies, the move towards a low-carbon electricity system while maintaining electricity security.
Please check the detailed agenda of the Summit available on its dedicated page.

The 23rd International Gas & Power Summit is scheduled to happen on November 9, 2018.
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