Field Operator



For the past 35 years, IFP Training has provided the industry with a very valuable vocational training program: the Field Operator Certification.
Selected candidates will receive a combination of on-ground and on-site training in order to prepare them for the everyday challenges of their plants. They are trained to efficiently:

  • • monitor highly complex industrial facilities,
  • • make adjustments and perform routine and special operations to constantly meet safety, product quality and environment protection objectives,
  • • safely start-up and shut down plant equipment,
  • • identify and react to plant upsets.

The Pluses of the IFP Training Field Operator Certification

This vocational training program currently boasts a success rate of over 90%. Our methodology is not only highly recognized by industry leaders but it has also led thousands to graduation. The program was designed to optimize the duration and cost of training while still being accessible to candidates with or without previous industrial experience.