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Drilling & Completion - Wellbore interface & Well Productivity


Who should attend?

  • This course provides a comprehensive and practical understanding of fundamentals of drilling, completion, wellbore interface and well productivity applied to reservoir engineering concerns.
Public :
  • Newly-hired and 2- to 3-year experienced reservoir engineers willing to deepen their knowledge in reservoir fluid properties and PVT modeling; geoscientists, petroleum engineers and production engineers moving towards reservoir engineering.

Prerequisite :
  • Degree in reservoir engineering or petroleum engineering.
  • No experience required.

Course Content


      • Well design. Casing program.
      • Drilling equipment and techniques.
      • Directional drilling.
      • Drilling fluids (mud).
      • Different types of rigs. Specific offshore problems.

      • Completion: operations involved, main phases.
      • Main factors influencing completion design.
      • Completion configurations: fundamental requirements, main configurations.

      • Fundamentals: overall approach of the well flow capacity.
      • Inflow (study of the bottom-hole pressure from the upstream side):
      • Main parameters, Productivity Index (PI), global skin and flow efficiency.
      • Outflow (study of the bottom-hole pressure from the downstream side):
      • Case of oil wells and case of gas wells.
      • Analysis of inflow and outflow performance curves, need for artificial lift.
  • RESERVOIR-WELLBORE INTERFACE IMPLEMENTATION (excluding “wellbore treatments”)

      • Specific aspects linked to drilling and cementing the pay zone.
      • Perforating: main techniques, key parameters for productivity.
      • Specific case of horizontal drains.

      • Additional information about Productivity Index (PI):
      • Productivity Index and flow regime.
      • Inflow performance below bubble point pressure (IPR).
      • Additional information about skin:
      • Components of completion skin.
      • Damage skin estimation.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • describe main drilling equipment and operations,
  • describe main completion equipment, operations and configurations,
  • describe main concepts of reservoir-wellbore interface and choose an interface adapted to the conditions encountered in the reservoir,
  • discuss main concepts of wells productivity, included inflow, outflow and skin, detect problems holding down wells productivity and select adequate solutions.

Ways & Means

  • Interactive lectures and exercises.
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