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Our Exploration & Production trainings

IFP Training offers a variety of practical, industry-focused courses that vary in length, location and delivery method, depending on your training needs.

On this page all E&P professionals (Managers, Engineers, Operators and Technicians) will find programs relevant to their careers, some of which leading to IWCF, Field Operator and Superintendent Certifications.

Certain courses for Field Operators and Panel Operators offer hands-on sessions on dynamic simulators. Our simulations allow you to apply the knowledge and experience you acquired to specific situations that matter to you.

In addition to all these courses, we invite you to find out more about our Blended Learning offer, a distance-learning solution that allows for greater flexibility and provides quality-driven tutor assistance.

We encourage you to explore our disciplines and also discover our career development plans related to Exploration & Production and a zoom in on some of our programs.

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We accelerate

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We offer

a wide range of trainings to meet industry needs

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industrial know-how and our lecturer’s experience

We adapt

our training solutions to your specific operational requirements