Upstream Project Construction Site Administration


Who should attend?

  • This course provides an overview of team management, site control scheduling, cost control, contracts, precommissioning, commissioning and quality.
Public :
  • Field engineers and supervisors involved in the construction activities of an upstream project.

Level :Skilled

Prerequisite :
  • Provide evidence of a professional experience of at least 1 month, related to the concerned field.

Course Content


      • Site work organization, roles and responsibilities, organization charts, coordination of site supervisors.
      • Communication: purpose and management of periodic meetings, information tools, team-building.
      • Management of site access cards, night shifts, back-to-back rotation, shift handover reports.
      • Vendors mobilization/demobilization depending on contract types. Contract reviews.
      • Management of individual performance.
      • Relationship with contractors and subcontractors: contracts (lump sum, reimbursable, change-orders), conflictual situations.
      • Relationship with field operations.
      • Reporting: how to prepare clear reports.

      • Schedule: main field constraints, optimization of the detailed construction schedule.
      • Contractual progress measurement and reporting. Recovery plan in case of delays.
      • Cost control: reporting, change management.
      • Construction All Risk insurances (CAR).

      • Quality control of work on site, non-conformity reports, technical queries, site instructions.
      • Material control: warehouses, storage areas, receipt/control of main equipment and bulk material.
      • Mechanical completion, commissioning and start-up of the facilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • evaluate and manage construction site risks,
  • apply construction management skills,
  • monitor and control quality, schedule, and costs during construction activities.

Ways & Means

  • Exercises for each step of the construction process,
  • Numerous examples taken from Oil & Gas construction activities.
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