Upstream Economics & Management Certification


Who should attend?

  • This certifying training is part of a professional carrier development to managerial positions in exploration & production business, requiring specific skills in economics, contracts, taxation, finance, auditing and project management.

Level : Foundation

Course Content


  • Module 1: Overview of Oil & Gas chain

      • International energy scene. Upstream economics. Oil trading. Downstream economics.
  • Module 2: Introduction to petroleum engineering

      • Reservoir engineering. Well intervention. Surface facilities.
  • Module 3: Natural gas chain economics

      • Natural gas scene. Structure and costs of natural gas chain. Long-term gas contracts and LNG. Different gas markets and strategies of actors. Gas spot markets and futures.
  • Module 4: Trading of crude oil & petroleum products

      • Differentiation of crude oil - Price setting. Finished oil products. Trading and price setting. Trading of oil products-contracts.
  • Module 5: Contractual & fiscal framework of Exploration-Production

      • Legal framework. Contractual and fiscal framework. Main clauses of petroleum contracts.
  • Module 6: JOA & negotiation of E&P patrimonial contracts

      • Association agreements. Methodology of negotiation. Simulation: negotiating a PSC.

  • Module 7: Estimation & cost control

      • Context of upstream projects. Project cost estimation methodology. Cost control.
  • Module 8: Economic evaluation of Exploration & Production projects

      • Economic criteria. Economic costs analysis. Equity profitability analysis and project funding. Risk analysis of Exploration-Production projects.
  • Module 9: Project management

      • Introduction to preliminary studies. Feed or basic engineering studies. Project control and administration. HSE and quality management. Detail studies and procurement. Construction.
  • Module 10: Upstream accounting & financial management

      • Accounting standards. Consolidated financial statements. Reporting (board). Financial analysis. Introduction to audit and financial reporting.
  • Module 11: Upstream contracts audits

      • Contractual accounting. Association auditing. Government auditing. Implementing a contractual auditing.
  • Module 12: Hunting for oil: simulation game of E&P chain

      • The Hunting For Oil™ (HFO™) course presents a practical overview of the mostly used techniques in of the Upstream Oil & Gas industry, from prospect exploration to field development and production.
      • Participants will learn to select and acquire license blocks, use seismic data, plan drilling activities, develop their field by analyzing technical aspects, and manage the time line, the budget and other critical factors related to field development.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • develop negotiation skills in petroleum contracts,
  • build advanced economic models for evaluating Exploration-Production projects,
  • interpret the different financial statements published by Oil & Gas companies,
  • prepare and conduct a contractual audit,
  • effectively manage the project: engineering studies, procurement, construction and commissioning.

Ways & Means

  • Case studies simulated on computers,
  • Analyze the main corporate financial statements issued by Oil & Gas companies.
  • Cost estimation of Exploration & Production projects.


  • An international recognition of your competencies.
  • A Graduate Certificate is delivered.
  • An expertise confirmed in Upstream Economics & Management .
  • Ready-to-use skills.