Powertrain Project Management

E-learning This course can be adapted to virtual classroom mode

Who should attend?

  • This course provides an overview of powertrain project management methodologies, tools and processes in order to build and manage a new project.
Public :
  • R&D engineers, managers, executives who have to participate in a project team or lead powertrain projects.

Level : Foundation

Course Content

  • Organization

      • Life cycles of a powertrain project.
      • Contractor and supervisor.
      • Organization of powertrain projects.
      • Breakdown: WBS and OBS, timing and validation of projects by milestones.
      • Founding documents: from the product plan to the specifications of the project, contracting documents in a new project.
      • Introduction to systems engineering.
      • Planning: repositories and development plan, work scheduling (PERT/Gantt chart), management of the planning/critical path, resource management and load smoothing.
      • Budget and profitability: planned resources and compliance with the objectives, evaluation of the budget and management of the risks and opportunities, calculation of profitability of the project, framing of the project.
  • Powertrain project management

      • Steering and control of deadlines.
      • Steering and control of the costs.
      • Steering and control of quality.
      • Steering and control of the risks.
      • Requirements management process.
      • Configuration management.
      • Diversity management.
      • Steering a cooperation project between manufacturers.
      • Key features: dashboard and key indicators.
      • Visual management.
      • Supplier relationship management.
      • Closing a project (assessment of a project and capitalization).
  • Role of the project leader

      • Role of the project leader.
      • Leadership.
      • Best managerial practices.
      • Resistance to change.
      • Conflict management.
      • Information management.
      • Negotiation.
      • Intercultural management.
      • Management of people: recruitment & induction, delegation, communicate with your team, managing people’s problems, attendance management, stress management, training your staff, coaching, change management within your teams, management of the culture of the organization within the teams.
      • Certifications.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • understand the basic notions of project management,
  • understand specificities of powertrain project management,
  • master the tools, processes and methodologies required to successfully manage a new project.
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