Hydrocarbons - Distillation - Catalysts - Polymers


Who should attend?

  • This e-learning module provides a brief introduction to main properties of polymers with a special focus on the most relevant ones in the market: polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • These modules are integrated into some of our Blended Learning courses but can also be followed independently.
  • For any information please contact us at the following address: contact@ifptraining.com.
Audience :
  • Professionals, in the oil or petrochemical industry, interested in olefins, aromatics, polymers production. Specifically for engineers and technical staff who are beginners in this industry, as well as subcontractors, traders, etc.

Level : Proficiency

Course Content


      • Monomers: the building blocks. Monomers to Polymer transition.
      • Synthetic polymers types and main features.

      • Polyethylene development timeline. LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE main features and applications.
      • Brief introduction to Polyethylene processes.

      • Polypropylene atatic, isotatic and syndiotactic forms. Polypropylene main features and applications.
      • Brief introduction to Polypropylene processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • explain the transition from a short monomer building block to a long polymeric chain,
  • describe the behavior of polymeric molecules,
  • list the key properties of main synthetic polymer types,
  • describe the main features of polyethylene,
  • describe the main features of polypropylene.