Management of a Powertrain Project with Chinese Partner

E-learning This course can be adapted to virtual classroom mode

Who should attend?

  • This course provides designers or project managers with keys to manage new situations following their involvement in multi-company multicultural collaboration projects.
Public :
  • Engineers or powertrain project leaders who have to work in China with Chinese companies.

Level : Discovery

Course Content

  • Automotive market in China

      • China's auto market.
      • Major players: foreign and Chinese manufacturers.
      • The ambitions of Chinese manufacturers.
      • French manufacturers in China: PSA and Renault.
      • French OEMs in China: Valeo, Faurecia, …
      • Major issues of powertrain in China.
      • Existing and mature technologies.
      • Regulatory changes.
      • Technical developments of powertrains.
      • Research organizations related to subcontractors.
      • The perspective of the Joint Venture.
      • Case study.
  • Working & negotiating in China

      • Introduction to Chinese culture.
      • Political, economic and cultural environment in China.
      • Traditional values and those of future generations.
      • Understanding cultural differences.
      • Communicating effectively with the Chinese.
      • Multicultural context project management.
      • Negotiating with the Chinese.
      • Realizing purchases in China.
      • IP protection in China.
      • Key factors for success.
      • Case study.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • understand the powertrain sector in China,
  • know the Chinese development process,
  • identify development opportunities,
  • better understand Chinese culture.

Ways & Means

  • Training presented by a Chinese-French company manager in a play approach.
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