Lubrication & Technology of Automotive Transmissions

E-learning This course can be adapted to virtual classroom mode

Who should attend?

  • This course provides a technical overview on all automotive mechanical transmissions components and their operation. It gives information on all types of lubricants used and their classifications and specifications according to the type of transmission.
  • The course also presents information on the specificities of some manufacturers concerning the lubricants to be used.
Public :
  • Engineers and technical staff involved in the recommendations, sales and technical follow ups of automotive transmission lubricants in different areas of activities and to engineers and technicians of the automotive industry.

Level : Foundation

Course Content

  • Introduction

      • Need for a transmission in an automotive vehicle.
      • The different solutions for propulsion.
      • Technological refresher on gears and their lubrication.
      • Succinct notions on the calculation of a gear box, the aperture, staging.
      • Construction of a gear box.
  • Classifications & specifications

      • SAE J 306 classification of viscosity.
      • API classification.
      • Manufacturers specifications.
  • Passenger cars gear boxes

      • Mechanical gear boxes: architecture and principle of functioning. Synchronizing. Lubrication requirements. Specificities of some car manufacturers.
      • Automatic gear boxes: architecture and principle of functioning. Lubrication requirements. Specificities of some car manufacturers.
      • Evolution of passenger car gear boxes: robotizing, double clutch, CVT. Technical description. Impact on lubrication.
      • Hybrid vehicles (series and parallel): main architectures and lubrication.
  • Axles & differentials

      • Differentials: refresher on epicycloidal trains and on the functioning of the Pecqueur train. Limits and technical solutions.
      • Final reductions: different types (bevel, hypoid, worm). Respective advantages and drawbacks.
      • Lubrication: requirements following the type.
  • Gear boxes of industrial vehicles

      • Mechanical gear boxes: main differences with passenger cars (relay boxes, speed reducers, …). Lubrication requirements. Specificities of manufacturers.
      • Automatic gear boxes: specificities of the application versus passenger cars.
  • Farm & public works equipment (off road)

      • Specificities of the application.
      • Some particular solutions: farming tractors, public works machines, forestry machines, …

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • perform a technical refresher on the different types of gears used in automotive transmissions,
  • perform a technical refresher on gear lubrication,
  • know the different classifications and specifications of transmission fluids,
  • understand elements on the architecture and the operation of the different types of transmissions depending on the type of vehicle (passenger, industrial, off road).

Ways & Means

  • Interactive exercises of questions-answers between the participants using sets of play cards to synthetize the essential points of the lectures.
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