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Implementing Safety Review

Implementing Safety Review

4 days
This course is not scheduled.
Who should attend?


    • Staff involved in process design, facilities operation, maintenance and safety, whose duty is to implement or participate in process hazard reviews, for new and/or existing facilities.


  • Foundation
  • This course provides a deeper knowledge of selection and implementation of process hazard reviews.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • take an active part in the process hazard reviews/methodologies,
  • prepare process hazard reviews, organize the review team, identify participants based on their experience and background and define their individual task,
  • select and prepare reviews, adapted to the context.
Course Content


0.5 day

  • Hazard representation.
  • Risk matrix, impact on workers, assets and the environment.
  • Risk and hazard concepts, gravity and probability levels. Acceptable residual risk for people, environment and assets.
  • Safety reviews:
  • Objectives and implementation during the various project phases or on existing facilities.
  • Integration of findings into design of facilities - Integration in QRA study - Design of safety barriers:
  • Selection of the most appropriate methodology, in accordance with the context: new project, existing facilities and revamping, updating of previous studies, operating permit.


2.25 days

  • HAZID: HAZards IDentification (preliminary hazards analysis, design review, constructibility).
  • HAZOP: HAZard and OPerability analysis. Quantified HAZOP.
  • What-if and check-list methods: comparison with HAZOP method, pros & cons.
  • Implementing the methods: organize and prepare. Plan and lead the review.
  • Preparation of the report, follow-up, monitoring and close out of the findings.


1.25 days

  • Bow tie: principles, construction and use. Safety barriers. Frequency calculation.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA): selection of scenarios, evaluation of consequences and probability.
  • Layer Of Protection Analysis (LOPA): principles, Independent Protection Layers (IPL) identification), Safety Integrity Level (SIL),
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Ways & Means
  • Simulation of hazard reviews on simple processes: HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA.
  • Construction of a bow tie and calculation of occurrence frequencies.
  • Short exercises using risk matrix.