Fundamentals of Project Logistics ManagementEPM/FLOGGB

Who should attend?

  • This course provides an overall view of the various aspects treated by logistics specialists.
Audience :
  • Engineers or technicians who will hold positions in an E&P logistics organization or project engineers who need to understand logistics constraints.

Level : Discovery

Course Content


      • Road transport.
      • Air transport.
      • Sea transport.
      • Transport of dangerous goods.

      • Logistics base management:
      • Base concept.
      • Organization and sizing.
      • Material management.
      • Base operations.
      • Warehouse management:
      • Warehouse concept.
      • Warehouse organization.
      • Transit areas.
      • Shelter.
      • Workshop.
      • Lifting and handling operations.
      • Industrial Risks.
      • Waste Management.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • identify the stakes and challenges related to the development of an Oil & Gas field,
  • explain the differences between road, sea and air transport.