Advanced Certificate

Fundamentals of Production


Who should attend?

  • To provide an introduction to oil and gas production, along with a glossary of terms, covering fundamentals of technology, chain structure from well to export terminal, skills and job positions involved in operating production facilities
Audience :
  • Non-technical staff or technical professionals not directly involved in hydrocarbons production (managers, executives, technicians, staff of human resources, finance of projects departments…)

Level : Discovery

Course Content

  • The oil and gas chain: production position

      • Positioning of the production in the value E&P chain
      • World Primary production
      • Issues and technical constraints
      • Conventional resources
      • Unconventional resources
      • Job descriptions and skills for production activities
  • Onshore & offshore production

      • Technical specifications, operating modes
      • Operating patterns and mapping fields
      • Technical architectures
      • Organization (remote site, extreme conditions, manning, shift…)
      • Case studies: FPSO, wet gas field (onshore), oil fields operated with reinjection, remote control room, early production facilities…
  • From well to export point

      • From reservoir to wellhead: hydrocarbons and well effluent behavior
      • Well techniques, production techniques and well servicing
      • Surface facilities & treatment operations
      • Metering and expedition
      • Health Safety & Environment, sustainability
      • Budgets (CAPEX, OPEX) during the life cycle of a production field

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the different phases of the oil and gas production process
  • To grasp the specific issues of offshore oil and gas production
  • To understand organizations, skills and job positions involved in operating production facilities
  • To acquire a complete view of the oil and gas production chain, stretching over technical, business and economic issues

Ways & Means

  • Course delivered by industry specialists
  • Numerous illustrations and case studies


  • An international recognition of your competencies.
  • A Advanced Certificate is delivered.
  • An expertise confirmed in Fundamentals of Production.
  • Ready-to-use skills.