Field/Site Trainers Accreditation


Who should attend?

  • The purpose of this accreditation is to develop and validate the competence of site instructors tasked with developing, implementing and assessing practical training activities on site (on-job training), so as to ensure compliance with international standards.
Public :
  • Experienced operations personnel who have been promoted to a site training position, or at experienced site trainers looking to develop their pedagogical know-how.

Level :Knowledge

Prerequisite :
  • Personnel with experience in the technical area in which they will serve as instructor.
  • Prior experience in training or in passing on knowledge.
  • Intermediary managerial role (supervisor type).

Course Content


      • Operators' and technicians' training philosophies and objectives.
      • Typical program and implementation. Assessment systems and certification criteria.
      • The various types of pedagogical activities which can be conducted on site:
      • Theoretical courses and operations tutorials.
      • Practical exercises at the operational site and presentation in front of the group.
      • Technical training on site through mentoring (On-the-Job Orientation).
      • Practice of job duties through mentoring (On-the-Job Training).

      • Active pedagogy for adults.
      • Pedagogical techniques and principles.
      • Techniques for setting up group activities, exercises, hands-on tasks.
      • Role play in front of the group.

      • Organization, supervision, coordination and reporting of on-site practical training: On-Job-Orientation (OJO) and On-Job Training (OJT).
      • Pedagogical know-how:
      • Techniques for communication, questioning, listening, observing, reformulating, praising.
      • Assessment techniques: evaluating trainees’ practical know-how, assessing their competence.
      • On-Job Training implementation; technical knowledge and know-how:
      • How to develop a training sequence based on an actual situation on-site?
      • Learning on-site during operations, detecting and using interesting learning opportunities.
      • Encouraging information investigation methods.
      • Identifying difficulties that the trainee experiences.
      • Coordinating.

      • Each candidate presents a training sequence to the group, putting into practice the methods they have learned during the week. They will also prepare the objectives off and instructions to a training activity to be delivered on site.
      • The group and the IFP Training expert will discuss the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtaining accreditation will validate the instructor's competences in implementing practical training on-site:
  • prepare an on-site activity schedule and coordinate on-site training activities with operations personnel,
  • facilitate participants' learning and memorizing through personal work,
  • assess participants in their study of their assignment area and their practice of operator/technician job duties.

Ways & Means

  • Training sequences simulations, which places candidates in training situations.
  • Case studies for studying the trainees’ different learning phases.
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