Communication & Behavioral Management

E-learning This course can be adapted to virtual classroom mode

Who should attend?

  • This training gives an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of presenting: physical space, body language, audience interaction.
Public :
  • Personnel that regularly deliver presentations and speak at public events.

Level : Foundation

Course Content


      • Overcoming one’s fear.
      • Managing stage fright and using appropriate stress management strategies:
      • Feeling comfortable in oral presentation.
      • Develop assertiveness.
      • Oral communication situations:
      • What are you scared about in oral communication situations?
      • Minute speech introducing stress management technique in 3 points.
      • Expressing oneself:
      • Grabbing attention.
      • Organizing one’s speech and build a structured presentation.
      • Using a visual aid.
      • Making an effective and lively speech, using metaphors, examples…
      • Expressing emotions, tuning voice and managing body gesture.
      • Convincing the audience and being remembered.
      • Self-analysis questionnaire: are you assertive?
      • Oral communication situations:
      • Express emotions.
      • Audience feedback.

      • Engaging in discussion & debates:
      • Meeting the audience’s needs.
      • Engage in discussion and Q&A session with the audience.
      • Identifying key words.
      • Oral communication situations:
      • BE the trainer: held a 15-minute presentation about oral presentation + 5-minute Q&A session.

Learning Objectives

  • During this module, the participants will learn fundamentals of oral communication techniques.
  • Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:
  • hear and understand and hold the audience's attention,
  • develop fluency in expression and overcome stage fright.

Ways & Means

  • They will learn these techniques actively through role-play situations with group debrief and practical case studies. With their agreement, trainees can be videotaped during exercises.
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