Applied Chemical Engineering for the Refining & Petrochemical Industries

E-learning This course can be adapted to virtual classroom mode

Who should attend?

  • This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the refining and petrochemistry chain involved and the equipment used in the refining and petrochemical industry.
Public :
  • Engineers interested in applied chemical engineering relating to Oil & Gas products, refining processes and polymers.

Level : Foundation

Course Content


      • Thermodynamics applied to liquid-vapor equilibria.
      • Hydrocarbon physico-chemistry.
      • Fluid dynamics.
      • Heat transfer.
      • Thermodynamics. Kinetics. Catalysis and chemical reactions.
      • Industrial reactor design.

      • Crude oil and petroleum products.
      • Distillation (theory and dynamic simulation).
      • Introduction to Provision simulation software (PROII) usage and application in a distillation project.
      • Refining processes, process flow sheets and visit of a refinery.

      • Materials and corrosion.
      • Static equipment.
      • Rotating machinery.
      • Heat exchangers, furnaces and boilers.
      • Instrumentation. Process control.
      • Introduction to HTRI software usage and application in a heat-exchanger project.

      • Olefins and aromatics in petrochemistry.
      • Polymer chemistry, structure and characterization.
      • Industrial reactor design of polymer reactors.
      • Visits of a steamcracker unit, polymer units and plastic converters companies.

      • Economics of supply and refining operations.

      • Two projects based on conception, design and cost estimation of an industrial distillation column (with PROII) and different heat exchangers (with HTRI).
      • Two workshops are organized to design a CSTR styrene polymerization reactor and a LLDPE gas phase reactor.
      • These studies are carried out by trainees with instructor guidance.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to:
  • understand the refining and petrochemical manufacturing schemes,
  • grasp the fundamentals of chemical engineering,
  • master the fundamentals of polymer chemistry,
  • acquire the bases for investment decisions and capital budgeting in the refining and petrochemical industries.

Ways & Means

  • Applications using process dynamic simulators (RSI IndissPlus simulator).
  • Applications using static simulation software (PRO II).
  • Two practical one week sessions, including pilot testing and site visits, are scheduled between September and December in Normandy and in the south of France.


  • An international recognition of your competencies.
  • A Advanced Certificate is delivered.
  • An expertise confirmed in Applied Chemical Engineering for the Refining & Petrochemical Industries.
  • Ready-to-use skills.
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