We offer training centers an accreditation of their activities. They then become partners of IFP Training and bring their public towards one of our worldwide recognized Certifications. The IFP Training accreditation process establishes trust and a lasting relationship among the various sides involved: training centers, client companies and trainees. The purpose of our approach is to contribute to building local training capacity (centers, programs, lecturers) in line with international standards.



To earn an accreditation of its activities, a training center has to fulfill all requirements defined in IFP Training’s reference tables, which concern various complementary and indivisible themes:

  • The training center and its organizational arrangements
  • Educational methods and programs
  • Knowledge and skills assessment methods
  • Educational materials
  • Lecturers
  • The educational team


By calling on to an accredited center, both customers and trainees can be certain to find the same level and quality of service directly delivered by IFP Training.

Some advantages of being accreditated:

  • Maintain the technical skills of the training center and be informed of the latest evolutions of the domain of accreditation
  • Optimize the functioning of the training center
  • Obtain an international recognition of the training and certification quality
  • Favor the training center’s recognition by your customers, trainees and partners
  • Mobilize teams on a federative corporate development plan
  • Become a member of a network which allows a better understanding of the international market and the exchange of best practices
  • Be listed on IFP Training’s website as an accredited center