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Refining Processes
Separating Processes Scheduled courses Available in French View

Certification en Distillation sur Simulateur

Distillation Column Internals

Extractive Distillation

Operation of a Binary Distillation Column - Level 1

Operation of a Binary Distillation Column - Level 2

Operation of a Multiple-Draw Distillation Column

Refining Processes

Alkylation (HF or H2SO4)

Catalysts in Refining Processes

Catalytic Reforming for Refining & Petrochemicals


Crude Oil & Vacuum Distillation

Ether Production MTBE or ETBE

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Operation

Gas Purification with PSA

H2S Removal & Sulfur Recovery Processes

Heavy Cuts Processing


Hydrogen Manufacturing Plant

Hydrotreatment Processes


Light Cuts & Middle Distillates Processing

Utilities & Waste Treatment


Petrochemicals-Chemicals Processes

Extrusion & Pelletizing Polymers

Operation of a Chemical Production Unit